2Gen Secure Families Project | INPEACE

The 2Gen Secure Families Project will assist families that are enrolled in INPEACE’s Keiki Steps or Parents As Teachers program start their own small business and increase their income.

About the Program

Dreams of starting your own business?

The 2Gen Secure Families Project provides comprehensive training and support to enable families with young children to pursue their aspirations of starting or growing their own small businesses. This project is the next level of empowerment programming and provides guidance and assistance through workshops on business planning, design thinking, financial literacy, and asset building, business development support systems, and connection to non-predatory lenders. One-on-One Business coaching is also provided to individualize planning and support that empowers participants to complete their business plan, develop goals and implement action steps toward building their business.

Small businesses provide the opportunity for families to increase their income and economic stability, which is important, as research has shown that an increase in family income during the early childhood years can lead to positive academic and long-term economic outcomes for children. At the same time 2Gen supports community members in creating new industries, jobs and businesses in their community.

This project is provided free of charge to parents and caregivers participating in INPEACE’s Keiki Steps or the Parents as Teachers (PAT) programs. Other non-participating families may also attend for a small fee. Childcare during 2Gen workshops is provided.


Project Services:

INPEACE provides financial and business workshops, personalized coaching, and incentivized business savings accounts to all project participants. To be included in the 2Gen Secure Families Project each participant must enroll in and attend the Innovation Engineering series to receive personalized coaching and other business resources from INPEACE.

Innovation Engineering Workshop

Do you have a great business idea? Do you wonder if your idea would be a unique business? This workshop will take your idea from creation to how you will deliver your product/service to your customers. Unlike other business development programs, INPEACE offers a renowned and successful business creation process.

Small Business Fundamentals Workshop

Now that you have your business idea, what’s next? In this workshop series, you will create a business plan that can help get your business funded. You will walk through the steps to create a simple but impactful business model. You will also be given the opportunity to meet with a business coach to finalize and certify your business plan.

Financial Workshops

This workshop is provided to you by INPEACE’s Ho‘oulu Waiwai program. In this series, you will learn how to successfully manage your family’s finances. We provide many sessions on various personal finance topics. Please follow the link to Ho‘oulu Waiwai for more information.

Our Business Capitalization Account Project, also known as a Match Savings or Individual Development Account (IDA) Program, is for those who are looking to start a small business. You can save a minimum of $10 a month up to a total of $500 over the course of your time in the program. You will receive $4 for every $1 saved, up to a maximum of $2,000 matching funds to be used towards your business.

 Are you Eligible for a BCA?

If you can answer “Yes” to ALL of the following questions, call today to request an application.

  • Are you Native Hawaiian?
  • Do you live in Wai‘anae (96792)
  • Are you or your spouse currently employed?
  • Do you want to create a small business?

BCA Requirements:

  • Complete ALL Innovation Engineering workshop sessions.
  • Complete ALL Business Development workshop sessions.
  • Complete any two (2) Financial Capabilities workshop sessions.
  • Participate in a minimum of two (2) personalized coaching sessions for business or finance. However, one (1) must be a business session.
  • Create a certified business plan.
  • Register your business in Hawai‘i.

Required Eligibility Documents for the BCA:

  • 2 most recent pay stubs
  • Most current TANF/SNAP letter/statement (if applicable)
  • Signed and dated most current filed income tax return

To apply for the 2Gen Secure Families Project please contact naturaleep@inpeace.org or feel free to apply in person by visiting the INPEACE Office located at 87-790 Kulauku St., Suite #A129 Wai‘anae, Hawai‘i 96792.

Please contact Project Manager Lisa Pakele at lisap@inpeace.org for more information about the 2Gen Secure Families Project.