Got Preschool?

Our keiki are our most precious resource. They are our link to a better future for Hawai‘i and the foundation we lay for them today will help to grow their confidence, build a love for learning, and create lifelong healthy habits. INPEACE’s Hoʻāla Program is a year-round outreach program for families with children, prenatal to five-year-old, designed to provide important information about Early Childhood Education (ECE) and preschool services available in the community.

Through guided, confidential assistance, our Hoʻāla recruiters provide families with direct one-on-one assistance in identifying and completing the application process for a preschool in their community that best meets the needs of their child and their family. We also provide assistance in applying for financial supports to subsidize tuition and program costs, which benefits families by keeping a significant portion of their income accessible for other household needs.

We believe in building trust by meeting families where they’re at, no matter the situation. Our Hoʻāla program recruiters reach out to families by canvassing door-to-door and by setting up informational kiosks at various community locations and events.

Ho‘āla in 2017

1,553 keiki and adults were served

keiki were succesffuly assisted with preschool enrollment

Overall early childhood education utilization rates on the Wai’anae Coast reached 143%

families saved $113,000 in education costs through subsidies

In 2017, recruiters from INPEACE’s Hoʻāla program assisted 247 keiki in successfully enrolling in an early childhood education (ECE) program that best fit their family needs, helping ECE utilization rates reach 143% along the Waiʻanae Coast, up from 108% in 2016.

In the 2018-19 school year, we plan to continue our impact on the Wai‘anae Coast by assisting 250 keiki in successfully enrolling in ECE programming, to ensure 100% utilization of ECE seats. We also plan to increase our impact by expanding our program to the island of Kaua‘i.

Hoʻāla in Practice

Hoʻāla Assistance

Operating from a foundational belief in meeting families where they’re at, first contact is often made through door-to-door neighborhood canvassing, informational kiosks at various community locations, and presence at community events. Recruiters then work confidentially and one-on-one with families to:

  • Provide information and education on the importance of early childhood education for the developmental stages of their child
  • Identify and select the best-fit ECE services for the child and family
  • Navigate eligibility and application processes
  • Apply for child care subsidies
  • Program placement
  • Program enrollment

Recruiters maintain constant contact with families for wrap-around referrals and assist families in finding solutions to their changing needs.

Services are currently available on O‘ahu’s Wai‘anae Coast and on the island of Kaua‘i.

Promoting Successful Transition

Early childhood education has a distinct and positive impact on children’s long-term academic and economic outcomes. Hoʻāla’s recruiters carry this knowledge into the community and are dedicated to promoting successful keiki transitions from home to ECE, then from ECE to kindergarten because they know that ECE preparation is a foundation for academic success. The benefits of Hoʻāla are far-reaching and help to boost family awareness of ECE programs, increase enrollment attendance of keiki in available preschool programs, and enhance opportunities for referrals to other social services that increase family well-being.

Your Donation Impacts the Community

In 2017, recruiters of INPEACE’s Hoʻāla program visited 2,159 homes and connected with 750 families. As a result, families in need saved more than $113,000 in educational costs, effectively getting their children into important early childhood education programs and saving money to provide other necessities. Overall early childhood education utilization rates on the Wai‘anae Coast reached 143%, an increase from 108% in 2016. Parent participation preschool programs had 876 slots filled in the 96792 zip code and continue to increase as parents are choosing to actively engage in their children’s education. In fact, since 2011, Hoʻāla Recruiters have visited 17,032 homes and have helped 825 children from the Waiʻanae Coast enroll in preschool. Through preschool subsidies, over $665,000 was leveraged to assist 110 families in enrolling their child.

Your donation helps to provide valuable supplies and resources to help reach families in need effectively and efficiently. Donations like yours allow better access to transportation, technology, and education to assist keiki and their families in preparing for the home-to-school transition and increasing readiness for kindergarten.

Our Program Supporters

Ho‘āla is currently funded by Kamehameha Schools.