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Digital Storytelling

Armed with compelling content, our digital storytellers can efficiently and effectively tell stories through the use of video.

Relationships are paramount to getting things done in Hawai‘i. The public, partner organizations, and funders trust that we do our job and do it well. Data can be very compelling, but sometimes it’s the stories of our journey—the faces and voices of our people—that allow us to connect at a visceral level. Our videos capture the human element—to great effect—and invigorate our funders and partners.

About Digital Storytellers

21st century moʻolelo through the medium of cinema and photography. Digital Storytellers are homegrown digital media artists that uses video and still imagery to tell the stories of INPEACE programs, participants, and community partners. Through digital storytelling, people are given the means to tell their stories through the digital media to anyone who may want to participate, partner with, or fund INPEACE programs. Creating stories of aspiration, hope, and triumph is our passion.

Who are the Digital Storytellers?

Solomon Alfapada and Nicholas Smith are children of the Waiʻanae Coast. They are 2004 graduates of Waiʻanae High School, prominent former members of its nationally acclaimed Searider Productions program, and alumni of The Art Institutes of California–Los Angeles’ Digital Filmmaking program. Each possess their own unique passions for the filmmaking process, and, together, scour the INPEACE community for the most compelling stories of both struggle and success, education and growth, and passion for serving some of Hawaiʻi’s most vulnerable families.


Can the INPEACE Digital Storytellers tell the story of my organization?

Your organization has a story to tell, and INPEACE Digital Storytellers can help. Maybe you could utilize video to engage your community and funders. Or maybe you wish to learn how to tell your story yourself, using digital media. Either way, we can help. For more information, including a quote, write to