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Cultural Knowledge

Together we can empower and teach Native Hawaiians to nourish, protect and value their language and culture.


To bring forth or to sprout life—is a project that collaborates with schools to create outdoor classrooms. The classrooms are located amidst native plants, creating an effective learning opportunity for keiki by bringing cultural and academic lessons together. Participants in Kupu Ola learn to appreciate Hawaiian culture and its connection to the land.

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Digital Storytelling

Relationships are paramount to getting things done in Hawai‘i. The public, our partner organizations, and the funders trust that we do our job and do it well. Data can be very compelling, but sometimes it’s the stories of our journey—the faces and voices of our people—that allow us to connect at a visceral level. Our videos capture the human element—to great effect—and invigorate our funders and partners.

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