One of a Kind Hawaiian Language Program Launches

INPEACE Develops “Basic Hawaiian” Pilot for a New Generation of Learners

Kapolei, Hawai‘i — The Institute for Native Pacific Education & Culture (INPEACE) is proud to announce a $775,661.00 (3-year) grant […]

One of a Kind Hawaiian Language Program Launches2018-08-16T13:43:56-10:00

A Step Ahead

Three Weeks to a Smooth Transition

8-08-12-bGoing to kindergarten is a major milestone in your child’s life. But, is your keiki ready? Have you […]

A Step Ahead2018-08-16T13:44:16-10:00

A Big Step…for our Littlest Keiki

Have you heard? It’s Keiki Steps pre-registration time! This FREE parent participation program prepares your child for Kindergarten while grounding them in culture and early learning knowledge. Sign up now, […]

A Big Step…for our Littlest Keiki2018-08-16T13:44:21-10:00

Lā Wahi Hānai

Much of the world recognizes Earth Day during the month of April. But in Hawai‘i, every day is Earth Day! Native Hawaiians take great pride in respecting, protecting and maintaining […]

Lā Wahi Hānai2018-08-16T13:44:45-10:00