Kūlia I Ka Pono provides opportunities for educators.

Kūlia I Ka Pono is a program that provides opportunities for educators, including leadership courses, as well as individual and professional development planning assistance. Our goal is to support the personal and career goals of talented educators and staff.

Through financial support, we encourage educators to develop their strengths and reach their goals. 

Kūlia I Ka Pono means to strive for excellence while the stars guide us to new adventures on our voyage. Stronger, faster and focused.

Kūlia I Ka Pono program is a professional development model that:

  • Supports academic degree preparation.
  • Provides targeted and specialized training in early childhood education.
  • Is focused on delivering leadership development skills that will enhance pedagogy for more positive educational outcomes in children.

Kūlia Testimonials

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    Germaine Tauati

    "I am a living example... express my heart and appreciation for INPEACE."

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    Ruth Gabaylo

    "I made my dad very proud... to go to college, to be somebody, to give back to the community..."

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