Become a Waiʻanae Teacher Today.

Educators are the backbone of any institution of learning. Conveniently located in the LCC-Waiʻanae campus, Kūkuluao & Ka Lama Education Academy supports programs that produce qualified high achieving educators. Community residents are recruited and trained to provide the best educational opportunities for Native Hawaiian children and adults.

INPEACE has an arsenal of support to help you achieve your objectives.

We are committed to improving the academic performance and outcomes of Native Hawaiians and to supporting an environment that contributes to the total well being of our communities and the families who reside in them. We are unwavering in our determination to recruit members from within our communities who have a desire to attend college and become K-12 educators. We arm them with the skills and knowledge our organization possesses, and earn their commitment with assistance such as financial aid, scholarships, networking, board certification and other incentives.

We empower individuals to become and remain teachers in their community.

Individuals who pursue their degree and begin or continue teaching on Oʻahu's Leeward Coast will have our full support and encouragement.