Kaulele gives support above the ordinary.

Kaulele is a scholarship program operating in collaboration with INPEACE, Kamehameha Schools, and the Native Hawaiian Leadership Project. It provides a wide range of support for Native Hawaiian graduate students during their practicum, as well as travel expenses to enable Native Hawaiian faculty members to present at conferences.

Kaulele means to "take flight and soar." The Koa'e'ula bird will often follow ships and whales. It is symbolic of taking flight and soaring. Always achieving above the ordinary.

Expanding outreach opportunities

The Kaulele Project is interested in expanding outreach to satisfy a variety of financial needs for Native Hawaiians who tend to be under funded and yet vital to our continued success in the higher-educational arena. Funding is available for a number of Hawaiian, college-level students who are required to perform practicum work within their study area.

By assisting with travel expenses we enable Native Hawaiian faculty and graduate students focus on what matter most: learning to be better teachers. 

Examples of practicum duties include nursing students who are required to make "rounds" in a hospital setting, or students in education required to conduct classroom "teaching" at various schools. Kaulele maintains a preference for practicum applicants who are studying in areas that service a significant percentage of Native Hawaiians and/or in areas of study that are underrepresented by Hawaiians in that particular field.

Rising above the challenges

The Kaulele Project recognizes the challenges encountered in financially supporting students who are studying methods not considered representative, standard, western teaching practices, but are indispensable to our Hawaiian ways of knowing. Programs and financial support are available to assist those seeking degrees in a variety of traditional Hawaiian learning styles.

Kaulele maintains a preference for faculty members who are presenting research, where such presentation would enhance the instructors current positions and/or whose research is in an area, relevant to our Native Hawaiian communities and issues. It also supports opportunities to disseminate information vital to Hawaiians by funding a variety of workshops sponsored throughout the year.