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Keiki Steps is a FREE early education program for children and parents.


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Impact Statement

Since 2005, more than 5,000 children have participated in Keiki Steps. During the 2013–14 school year, we served 614 keiki and 496 families, and 91 percent of students met the majority of the the Hawaiʻi State School Readiness Assessment (HSSRA) benchmarks for school readiness.

About the Program

Keiki Steps is a FREE program focused on parent–child interactive learning experiences from birth through five years of age. Adult participation is required. We are located in communities with high concentrations of Native Hawaiians and economic distress but are open to all families and children within those communities, regardless of ethnicity.

Keiki Steps
Mission Statement

One of our goals is to provide Native Hawaiian children with a safe learning environment that is both culturally enriching and enjoyable. We also support opportunities that inspire growth and enhance the skills of early childhood education practitioners. Our programs provide educators with extensive training. Professional development is a top priority to ensure that our teachers are highly qualified to serve our precious children and families.

Early childhood programs help children prepare for success in school and in life.



Keiki Steps Provides Children with the Tools to Learn and Succeed

  • Our curriculum is designed for both children and parents or caregivers.
  • We facilitate the concept of “parents as the child’s first teacher.”
  • We meet four times per week for three hours per day, and then have a field trip and ʻohana nurturing day two additional times per month.
  • ʻOhana Nurturing seeks to strengthen the family’s understanding of early childhood development.
  • We provide developmental screening tools and assessments through nationally recognized methods, including the ASQ, ASQ-SE, Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test (PPVT), and Ounce Scale Assessments.
  • We have seen an average gain of eighteen percentage points on the PPVT in ten short months!

“Early childhood programs help children prepare for success in school and in life.”

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