Research strongly shows that quality early childhood experiences positively impact later success in school and life.

It's important for parents to engage in their child's early education on a daily basis. Early experiences lay the foundation for lifelong intelligence, emotional health and moral development.

The INPEACE programs listed below adhere to best practice principles, providing quality early childhood education for our keiki.

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    Keiki Steps  |  Phone: 620-9043

    A FREE year-round parent participation preschool where parents and children, ages 0–5, learn together to ensure school success. Learn More »

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    Keiki Steps to Kindergarten  |  Phone: 620-9043

    A FREE two-or-three-week summer transition program for children entering kindergarten who have little or no preschool experience. Register at your child's elementary school. Learn More »

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    P-3 Waiʻanae Project  |  Phone: 620-9043

    A program that works with elementary schools, early childhood programs and community partners along the Waiʻanae Coast to ensure that schools are ready for our children and children are ready for school. Learn More »

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    Hōʻala and PAT

    The Hōʻala program is designed to bring Native Hawaiian families with children ages 0–5 information and guidance about early childhood education programs. In the PAT program parents meet with a certified PAT educator for free monthly in-home visits to gain knowledge in early childhood development. Learn More »


    Ke Ala Hānau Moku: A Promise Neighborhood Initiative

    An Obama-led initiative based on the educational model of the Harlem Children's Zone (HCZ) to significantly improve educational and developmental outcomes of all children in our most distressed communities and to inevitably transform those communities by using HCZ as a foundation for replication nationwide. Learn More »