P-3 Waiʻanae Project

The Waiʻanae Project is an ambitious education program that works with elementary schools' early childhood programs and community partners along the Waiʻanae Coast. Its goal is to ensure that schools are ready to meet the needs of our children and that children are prepared to meet the demands of life. To help reach this goal, the Waiʻanae Project is connecting all those interested in working on a common objective: By the end of 2014, all third graders on the Waiʻanae Coast will be reading at grade level.

The Waiʻanae Coast is one of five primary communities that began the project in April 2007. The project's intent is to build on the foundation set by SPARK Hawaiʻi, an early childhood initiative that utilizes the strengths of the community. It promotes partnerships and affects guidelines that prepare children, families and faculty to work and learn with one another.

To date there are more than 50 partner programs and service providers with the Department of Education's Nānākuli – Waiʻanae Complex Area. These partnerships encourage opportunities for professional development and collaborations between kindergarten and early childhood educators.

Encouraging relationships and family participation

P-3 supports programs that encourage the relationships between early childhood development and elementary schools. More than 200 teachers and administrators participate in the annual P-3 Elementary and Early Childhood Cross-Collaboration Conference.

Over 50 community service providers partner with P-3 to help fulfill our mission. 

Approximately 59 percent of Kindergarteners in the Complex Area did not attend preschool in 2010. P-3 programs are working to increase enrollment by encouraging families to register their children early, and by educating them on the importance of early childhood education.

In addition, we are grateful for our brother program, Kupu Ola, which provides hands-on learning experiences grounded in Native Hawaiian cultural practices that are relevant to families on the Waiʻanae Coast.

School/Community Focus Groups

School/Community focus groups are currently being held with early childhood and elementary school teachers, along with community members in four targeted communities - Nānākuli, Mā'ili, Kamaile, and Mākaha. These focus groups will create an ongoing collaboration among school and community members working towards aligning language arts standards, while continuing to develop a flawless transition between early childhood and kindergarten.

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    Capturing the Momentum

    "...it's really important for students to build a strong foundation... ready for career and college"

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    Year-5 and Cumulative SPARK-Hawaiʻi Evaluation Report

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    Ready Kids Follow-up: Fall 2009 Data Collection Final Report

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