Keiki Steps to Kindergarten

When your child attends our FREE three-week summer Keiki Steps to Kindergarten program, his/her transition to kindergarten is more exciting and academically productive because you and your child together will learn what to expect from the first day of Kindergarten and beyond.

Unfamiliar environments can create a sense of apprehension in children and their parents. Keiki Steps to Kindergarten helps children ease into a group-learning environment, which enhances every child's ability to excel academically, and those achievements make parents and their children very proud. Parents can provide their children with essential support and understanding, facilitating a smooth and enjoyable transition into school.

Statistics reveal that 97 percent of children who have attended preschool do not require a period of transition to become comfortable with classroom etiquette. As a result, they are able to more effectively socialize and learn with the other children.

98% of parents who've completed this program feel they are prepared to be involved in their keiki's learning. 

Parents should register their children at the school where the child will be attending Kindergarten. Since children who have never experienced a preschool environment have more of a challenge adjusting to Kindergarten, they are given a priority. Space is limited. Therefore, enrollment is granted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Children attend Keiki Steps to Kindergarten for a period of up to three weeks before starting Kindergarten.

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