Our FREE community-based, cultural awareness and education programs are enhancing the lives of Native Hawaiians.

Since 1994, INPEACE has been working to educate and empower Native Hawaiian communities. INPEACE has emerged as a local and international leader in early childhood education, workforce development and cultural land stewardship.

How is INPEACE funded?

Several grants from the U.S. Department of Education under the Native Hawaiian Education Act have provided support for vital programs such as Keiki Steps, a parent participation preschool program. Although key large grants such as these provide primary or initial start up support, partnerships are the foundation of our organization, as only they can provide long-term sustainability.

INPEACE will continue to evolve and change over time, emanating the values of our culture. 

How does INPEACE ensure quality?

INPEACE integrates an innovative approach to teaching and learning through a variety of educational and cultural based programs. We pay special attention to curriculum, teaching practices, environment, and the needs of students, all within the context of family and community.