Staff Videos

2009 INPEACE Staff Retreat: E Hoʻi I Ka Piko
2009 was the first year INPEACE came together as a staff to learn. Based on the needs of individuals and programs the theme for 2009 was E Hoʻi I Ka Piko, which means "To Return to the Core". This two day event was packed with culturally rich activities focused around uniting INPEACE and improving cultural competency throughout our agency. The event provided staff with opportunities for networking, team building and cross-collaboration as well as strategies for improving public messaging.

2010 INPEACE Staff Retreat: Kau I Ka Wēkiu
The theme for 2010 was Kau I Ka Wēkiu, which means "Taking it to the next level". The event focused on empowering parents and children, addressing the challenges families face, and the hope that inspires. Revisiting the outdoor classroom allowed returning staff to view the "fruits of their labor" and see how the ginger that was planted the prior year has grown. INPEACE has once again come together and have strengthened their bond with one common goal: support each other and empower our communities.

INPEACE, Hawaii | Message From Our CEO
INPEACE, Hawaii | Message From Our CEO